Note: As of July 1, 2011, we have temporarily stopped distribution of these products, pending our reorganization (due to Robert Ferre's retirement). For details, see our NEWSLETTER.

On this page is a list of the various products that we sell as a service to the labyrinth community. If you are looking for information about portable labyrinths, they are located in another section. To go there, click here (canvas).

Rather than filling out tedious shopping cart information, just email us with your selection and your credit card number (MasterCard or Visa) or print out this page, circle what you want, and mail it to us with your check (or fax it with credit card information). If you are worried about sending your credit card via email, you can use our cloaking method, or send it divided between two emails.

Some of the items shown here are available wholesale to bookstores, lecturers, and labyrinth facilitators. The discount is 40% and the minimum order $100. Thanks for visiting our products page. I hope you will find items of interest to you.

Robert Ferré

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Just introduced: Our stand-up taping machine. Want to make a temporary labyrinth quickly, without crawling around on your knees? Our machine makes it possible.

T-SHIRTS -- B: $3.50/$2.00

Authentic Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, T-Shirts as worn by our crews and artists ($15, or $17)

BOOKS -- B: 2:50/$1.00

Church Labyrinths, by Robert Ferré ($10)

The Labyrinth Revival, by Robert Ferré ($10)

Origin, Symbolism and Design of the Chartres Labyrinth, by Robert Ferré ($10)

Constructing the Chartres Labyrinth, by Robert Ferré ($20)

Constructing Classical Labyrinths, by Robert Ferré ($20)

The above five books are available in quantity discount: 10-19 copies = 20% discount, 20 or more copies = 40% discount. Plus shipping.


Chartres pattern ($7)

Classic 7-circuit ($7)


18-inch, laminated ($10)

CHARTRES POSTER -- T:$3.50/$1.00

Labyrinth inside cathedral ($15)


All shipments are by Priority Mail or First Class, U.S. Postal Service.

Cost is determined by TYPE and QUANTITY. The type refers to packaging: box (B)or tube (T). Within each type, there is a different cost for the first item and for additional items.

Each item has a shipping code that looks like this: (B$3.50/$1.50). The first letter is the type (B = box, T = tube). The first dollar amount refers to the cost of shipping the first item. The second dollar amount refers to shipping additional items of the same type.

The shipping costs vary a little, so you may have to average them or estimate. The key is this: If you buy several items, don't pay the first amount for each item, as you will send too much. So, add up all of the B's, use the first number for one, the second number for the rest. Then do the same with al of the T's. That's it.

Easy method: If you pay by credit card, we will add the correct amount for postage. If you pay by check and pay too little, we will include a note asking for additional payment. If you pay too much, please accept our thanks. If you pay way too much, we'll send a refund. Whew, I hope this is clear.

Foreign shipments: Please specify if you want shipment by air or surface, and pay by credit card. We will charge the correct amount.


We accept MasterCard and Visa. If you email your order, please send your card number in the following format, with no spaces or dashes between numbers: Start with three zeros, then the 16 numbers of the credit card, then the expiration date as four digits (MMYY) plus three zeros at the end. If your credit card number were all X's, for example, and the expiration date is YY of ZZ, you would send the following number: 000XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYYZZ000.

This method of cloaking is intended to defeat any robots that are searching for 16-digit credit card numbers. Actually, the danger of using a credit card over the Internet doesn't come from the moment it is being sent. It comes from leaving it on the host computer and then having someone hack into the computer and steal the numbers. When we receive your order by email, we print out a paper copy and then delete the email. It doesn't stay in our system. If you feel more comfortable with faxing us the order, please do. Or you can divide the numbers between two emails. Our toll-free fax number is (888) 873-9873. Or you can mail your order with a check to:

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